Tuesday 14 May 2019

What A Pool of Local Talent...!

The range of local talent seems sometimes to know no bounds. Consider:

  • the energies of individuals and groups around the reality of a 'climate emergency' has featured on our TV screens very recently, with some signs that the uncompromisingly polite, creative but disruptive Extinction Rebellion activists have shifted public and political mood around 'the climate' significantly. Now in Matlock, this Wednesday, 15th May, at 1.00p.m. at the Council Offices, there's a demonstration/vigil by local activists supporting efforts to get DCC to declare a 'climate emergency', as many councils are now doing. DCC is debating a 'climate emergency' resolution that afternoon, and - if it passes - this will be the biggest council in Derbyshire to commit itself to progressively manage down local emissions, thanks to the energies of creative people - like you! If the House of Commons can do it - without a vote - so can DCC. Be there if you can!
  • back after a week's absence due to May Queen, the artisans of Grains Bakehouse and Village Greens fruiterer/greengrocer will be standing again outside the Pack Horse on Saturday, 18th May, 10-12.00p.m. Order now!
  • from Saturday, 25th May through to and including Monday 27th May, Hayfield Artists will be holding their customary open weekend, at around 11 locations around the village, from individual studios though Rosie Lee's and Throstle Farm, Little Hayfield to The Pack Horse and Ashlar alongside each other in the village centre. This event goes from strength to strength and offers the prospect of fine artworks, engravings, pottery and so much more, all produced locally and for sale! Time vary a little around the core hours of 10-5p.m., but the Pack Horse is open to view from 12 -11p.m. each day. Full details are at www.hayfieldartists.co.uk and the wider, countywide details -if you're minded to travel - are at www.derbyshireopenarts.co.uk.
  • the same weekend, Sunday 26th May, Hand Made Hayfield - the village artisan market - is back at the Royal Hotel from 11-5.00p.m., looking to tempt you with handcrafted products from local craftspeople and those a little further afield. Their efforts are always well-supported, so it's wise to get there early!
  • then two, untimed, offerings from Sustainable Hayfield supporters:
    • first, James Ellson from Farlands, Kinder (he of apple tree and near zero home carbon living fame) has secured a deal for publication of his book, a detective thriller called the Trail. James has long had the ambition to get into print and, after a million words spread across several efforts, it looks like he's managing it, with publishers Unbound, telling the story of a missing person enquiry which leads Manchester DCI (James was in the police) Rick Castle to Nepal. Unbound operate by crowdfunding, so promoting books takes place before, as well as after, publication and James has 90 days to pre-sell enough copies of The Trail to make it financially viable to commit to publication, which happens 6-9 months after the threshold has been reached. If you'd like to support a local author, please make a pledge and maybe get your name on the supporters' list, where there are already a good number of villagers. Details are at https://unbound.com/books/the-trail/ There's even a short video!
    • second, supporter Stuart Price from New Mills, previously featured in our newsletter has now settled into publishing his writings on 'transitional themes' (as in the Transitions environmental movement) in an accessible and mercifully brief online not-for-profit “magazine”, called Changing Times. It's an erudite and well-researched read, and issue 2 is out now. There's room for reflection in each article, and links made with key commentators and writers in each subject area covered. It's well worth having a look at and can be seen at www.changingtimes.me. For issue 3 the current plan is to look at new sustainable models of education.

I think you'll agree... That's a lot of local talent!

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