Monday 17 June 2019

It's That Time...

  • Wilting in the sun of a Hayfield summer ? Huh! But fresh foods do, with (slightly) warming temperatures,which is why Village Greens and Grains Bakehouse have agreed that their Saturday morning 'pop up' outside The Pack Horse is to start and finish a little earlier. So they are now 'open for business' at 9.30a.m. and will leave around 11.30a.m. Please note. It's likely that they will revert to 10-12.00p.m. in the autumn, when the weather's supposed to cool!
  • Early summer means proliferating Himalayan Balsam along our riversides and wet ground. It's invasive, shades out native vegetation and contributes to riverbank erosion. There's a fair bit of it in/around Hayfield but it's relatively easily dealt with: I've just cleared some plants stems from alongside the cricket pitch, and they were but 10% or less than last year's volume, which I also cleared. Those whose gardens abut rivers/streams should look out for it: it's an offence to let it grow! Here is a clear information sheet, kindly put together by Susan Wyatt a year or two ago, giving you the 'low down' on what to do. Please help. Simples!
  • We've reported previously that the Parish Council resolved some weeks ago to, in the light of the climate emergency, to review how it might manage down its carbon emissions in what it does, and others do on its behalf. It set up a working group with Sustainable Hayfield to consider options. I'm delighted to report that this working group has met twice already, has a forward schedule of meetings and has had its terms of reference agreed by the Council. These include considering the carbon emission of the wider parish. We're now turning to the practical actions which can be taken. Discussions have been positive and, we believe, fruitful. We hope to bring you further news of what's happening, as we proceed.

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