Friday, 15 September 2023


Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter

We all know the days of domestic  gas boilers are numbered, due to the greenhouse gas emissions involved in their use. The UK government has already announced that, in a few years’ time, it will be illegal to sell, buy or install new boilers of this kind..

But what comes next in what will be a major revolution in domestic energy supply?  The government  is curently backing widespread introduction of air source heat pumps, for which substantial grants are available. And they’re the focus of our illustrated talk in Hayfield next Thursday, 21st September.    

Local resident Richard Lowe wanted the best for his home, so set out to research what was available and suitable for his property. He then contacted and evaluated installers and has since overseen installation of his chosen air source heat pump model and is actively monitoring its performance, through collection of detailed records, and learning to manage it most effectively.

Richard will be sharing his learning on many  aspects of such pumps (size, noise, energy efficiency, access to funding support, value for money, need for any complementary heating and the like). His talk will interest all those who may be thinking about starting the same journey but who want ‘best value’ and independent advice and experience to call upon.

The talk is free, and open to all. It starts at about 8.15p.m., immediately after Sustainable Hayfield’s  brief AGM, to which, again, all are invited, starting at 7.30p.m..  It's all at St John’s Church.  Can you be there? 


Laurie James
for Sustainable Hayfield


Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Dear Members,

We hereby give notice that our AGM of members will be held at St John's Church at 7.30pm on Thursday 21st September, and will comprise a short business section until 8.15pm followed by a presentation on domestic heat pumps from a local resident who has recently installed one.

All members and non members are invited, and encouraged to attend, though please note only members can vote on meeting resolutions.

Please see below for a copy of the agenda, and associated papers to review prior to the meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you there.  


Minutes of previous meeting

Annual Report


We look forward to seeing you there,


Sustainable Hayfield Trustees

Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Summer Newsletter 2023


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Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/SupporterYour Sustainable Hayfield Summer 2023 newsletter is attached. You can access it here.We hope you find it of interest, and that it helps secure your continuing support for what we try to do. Do let us know what you would like to see featured in future issues, or anything else you think we should be doing..Thank you  Laurie Jamesfor Sustainable Hayfield

Home Energy MOT Evaluation Report

Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter

As promised in our recent newsletter to you, we're delighted to attach the evaluation report for our Home Energy MOT project, launched today. The report is here

The project offered free advice and low level insulation/energy efficiency aides to every willing home in the parish, aiming to reduce bills and cut carbon emissions. Over 100 households took up the offer. Customer reaction was very positive and many participating households are taking forward their own further improvements, informed by the advice they received. Customer quotes feature prominently in the report. Might you recognise your own comments?

The project has demonstrated 'proof of concept', that a wide range of households will commit to home energy improvements, and reduce their carbon emissions, if schemes offering this are simple to access, easily delivered - and free!  We are circulating this report widely, to encourage other localities to consider doing something similar - and initial reaction from major public bodies has been very positive!..

We hope you might enjoy reading the report. Thank you  

Team Sustainable Hayfield


Saturday, 24 June 2023

Plastic Free July

With June coming to end, we are hoping that all of our supporters will join us for the plasticfreejuly challenge!

Whether you are well on the way to a plastic free lifestyle, or only just starting, this is the challenge for you. Just sign up at the level that suits you - I am signing up to "avoid using single use plastic" - and then have fun redesigning parts of your life that you need to to avoid it! That is all there is to it!

Click here to find out more and sign up! 

or watch the video here

Have fun, and don't forget to tell us how you get on!

Sunday, 23 April 2023

It's Election Time - Here's a brief look at the candidates standing to help our members make an informed choice.....

 Dear Sustainable Hayfield Member/Supporter

Elections for High Peak Borough and Hayfield Parish Council are coming up fast. Postal voters will probably already have had their ballot pepers.

But who to vote for amongst the names? We asked all candidates for the Hayfield ward of High Peak Borough Council and all those standing for Hayfield Town ward at the Parish Council to supply us with some words, setting out their priorities. The replies we received - from one borough council candidate and seven parish council candidates - are in the attached document, together with other basic information about voting process.
Two candidates were nominated for the two seats to represent Sett Ward on Hayfield Parish Council, so no election is being held there. We are seeking equivalent statements from the candidates standing for the Sett Ward on High Peak Council.

We hope this assists you in making your choices. And we thank those candidates who responded to our request for their views.


The Sustainable Hayfield team

Sunday, 16 April 2023

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter

Your spring 2023 issue of our Sustainable Hayfield newsletter is here.  We hope you find its contents of interest and even, maybe, enjoyable!

Because of a small delay in its publication, I'd want to highlight mention of imminent events which may be of interest to you, viz:
* the talk on biodiverse woodland management tonight, Tuesday, at Glossop (page 4);
* the invitation to a Zoom meeting on Thursday for those interested in  participating in the 'Big One' march in London (page 2), and;
* the work session at the Library garden this coming Saturday (page 4).

Hopefully, these prompts will prompt you to open the newsletter - promptly!  

Thanks for your continuing support.

Laurie James
for Sustainable Hayfield


  Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter We all know the days of domestic  gas boilers are numbered, due to the greenhouse gas emission...