Saturday 11 February 2023


Dear Sustainable Hayfield Member/Supporter

Want to keep warm but save on your bills? Want to keep out draughts and be more energy-efficient? Want to do all this for free?
You can, just like more than 90 of your neighbours who’ve already signed up to our Home Energy MOT scheme! We’ve now got some extra funding, meaning we can extend the scheme and respond to requests from even more parish households. Feedback to date is very positive. Here’s some examples; 
“The visit was an eye-opener in the sense that small adjustments can make a difference. The LED lights were great as they’ve brightened the rooms – and are considerably cheaper to run”
“I live alone and was very impressed by the help given. The fitting of a letter box cover made an immediate difference. The advice re keeping warm and saving energy was superb”
“Many thanks, an invaluable service”
“….the house feels warmer, draughts have been reduced and my landlord has agreed to have loft insulation fitted this week! Thank you!”
“Graham’s thorough checks were reassuring, particularly the loft insulation as I can no longer get up there. Helpful adjustment of boiler temperature. A very good service.”
“ Friendly face, good advice, very helpful.”
The scheme offers a free service, involving a visit from a local, qualified, experienced staff member from Marches Energy Agency who can
- install draught-proofing tape and strips for draughty windows and doors;
- fit draught excluders to the bottom of doors to stop seepage of heat;
- install letter box covers to ensure warm air doesn’t escape;
- fit LED long life, energy-efficient bulbs to replace older, short-life types;
- fit electric socket timers, to ensure power’s only used when needed;
- fit radiator reflector foil, ensuring all radiator heat warms your rooms;
- check boiler controls and radiator valves, to ensure they’re set correctly;
- advise on the adequacy of your loft insulation levels, and;
- discuss more targetted help, if needed, but only if you agree. .
All of this happens – or as much or little of it as you want – in one visit! And it’s all entirely free to you.
If you’d like a visit, do one of the following:

  • contact Sustainable Hayfield’s Energy Group at, with your contact details;
  • pick up and complete the very simple request slip which is at Hayfield News, The Village Store or Hayfield library, and place in the secure boxes located there.

Once you’ve requested a visit, we’ll get in contact and make arrangements.   This is a unique, free  scheme, just for the parish, so don’t miss out! 

The Sustainable Hayfield team 

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