Sunday 23 April 2023

It's Election Time - Here's a brief look at the candidates standing to help our members make an informed choice.....

 Dear Sustainable Hayfield Member/Supporter

Elections for High Peak Borough and Hayfield Parish Council are coming up fast. Postal voters will probably already have had their ballot pepers.

But who to vote for amongst the names? We asked all candidates for the Hayfield ward of High Peak Borough Council and all those standing for Hayfield Town ward at the Parish Council to supply us with some words, setting out their priorities. The replies we received - from one borough council candidate and seven parish council candidates - are in the attached document, together with other basic information about voting process.
Two candidates were nominated for the two seats to represent Sett Ward on Hayfield Parish Council, so no election is being held there. We are seeking equivalent statements from the candidates standing for the Sett Ward on High Peak Council.

We hope this assists you in making your choices. And we thank those candidates who responded to our request for their views.


The Sustainable Hayfield team

Sunday 16 April 2023

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter

Your spring 2023 issue of our Sustainable Hayfield newsletter is here.  We hope you find its contents of interest and even, maybe, enjoyable!

Because of a small delay in its publication, I'd want to highlight mention of imminent events which may be of interest to you, viz:
* the talk on biodiverse woodland management tonight, Tuesday, at Glossop (page 4);
* the invitation to a Zoom meeting on Thursday for those interested in  participating in the 'Big One' march in London (page 2), and;
* the work session at the Library garden this coming Saturday (page 4).

Hopefully, these prompts will prompt you to open the newsletter - promptly!  

Thanks for your continuing support.

Laurie James
for Sustainable Hayfield


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