Sustainable Hayfield Biodiversity Group 

Biodiversity is simply defined as the variety of life on earth – nature, in other words. Nature across the globe is in trouble, we are experiencing a dramatic decline in the number of species and this presents a direct threat to the sustainability of all life on earth. 

"The truth is, every one of us, no matter who we are or where we live, can and must play a part in restoring nature". Sir David Attenborough 2023 

Sustainable Hayfield Biodiversity group was formed in late 2021 as a sub-group of Sustainable Hayfield. We are a core group of likeminded individuals who have a keen interest in the diversity of our environment. 

We have a broad aim of identifying, maintaining and improving the biodiversity within the Hayfield area, whilst raising awareness amongst and encouraging engagement of the local community. We believe that people need to be aware of environmental issues in order to care about them and that only if people care about the environment will they protect it. 

There is an enormous amount of good work being done to help biodiversity in the UK by both individuals and organisations. Our first year was largely spent understanding our individual interests and expertise in more detail and also developing external contacts and networks. 

 For 2023 our main specific goal is to establish a Community Tree Nursery within the village. To address the challenges presented by climate change and biodiversity loss, it is recognised that in the UK we need to significantly increase the amount of tree cover. As commercial suppliers cannot meet the need, we are joining an emerging national network of small, local community-based tree nurseries supplementing the major commercial growers. 

 Another challenge we face is that the current level of biodiversity in the local area is not well-understood and we need to develop a baseline so that we know what requires to be/can be practically done to improve and enhance our local biodiversity. Towards this goal, we have, with support from the High Peak Borough Council Community Climate and Nature Action Fund, purchased equipment that will allow us, in conjunction with the active involvement of the community, to survey the bat and moth population of the area. 

We have many other ideas and plans for 2023 and future years and would welcome more people to join our group – expertise is not necessary, just enthusiasm and a little bit of time!

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