Thursday 2 May 2019

A Varied Diet... For Varied Tastes

A few, upcoming things which may appeal to people with quite different interests:

  • first, this Saturday, May 4th, our Food Group is hosting a Plant and Seedling Swap at the library garden 11-1.00p.m., for those who want to make their gardens more attractive or productive. The idea's simple: you bring along seedlings/plants surplus to your requirements and you take away something you want in return. And, for those with nothing to offer, there'll be some supplies for you too! Sunflower seeds and runner beans will be available to all, whatever your age. A poster's attached as a reminder;
  • second, our friends at Transitions New Mills are hosting a free talk/presentation on stylish and environmentally-friendly 'Retrofits' of private dwellings, Thursday 9th May, 8-10.00p.m. at The Butterfly House, which is part of The Torrs (ex public house), Market Street, New Mills. It will be given by Helen Grimshaw, who works for Urbed, a company with 40 years' experience working on environmental and sustainable buildings, and have strong links to the Carbon Co-op, and by Julian Ashworth, a local resident who's updated his typical house looking at scope to improve its environmental footprint. It should be a really interesting evening, especially for those who are thinking of updating their existing property along environmentally-friendly lines. Again, a potser is attached, giving details.
  • third, most of us know Saturday May 11th is 'May Queen Day'. Because of needs for the space they use outside The Pack Horse, Village Greens and Grains cannot be present that day in Hayfield, so different arrangements are in place for their customers:
    • for Grains, you can double up your order via 01457 862 346 and collect this coming Saturday, May 4th or visit the shop;
    • for Village Greens, you can place your usual order this coming Saturday, or telephone it through (01457 852456 or text 07838 256631) and they'll deliver it to your address on Thursday 9th May or Friday 10th May. Normal service is resumed the following week!

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