Friday 28 October 2016

How Sustainable And Ethical Could Your Xmas Shopping Be?

Fed up with all the 'stuff' at Xmas, but appreciate the value of giving? Want to be imaginative in your giving, with due regard to the '3Rs' (reduce, re-use, recycle) to make for a Xmas with reduced cumulative impact on the environment?

Well, our very own Pennie Roberts has culled a range of sources and put together some ideas you might consider. Far better than most 'mainstream' Xmas-tagged merchandise, and with the appeal of making a real difference to our Xmas carbon footprints. Thank you very much, Pennie! And we hope there's something in the document (link below) just right for you.

There are an increasing range of more sustainable goods, services and ideas out there, and we can't mention them all, so this is an initial selection which we hope makes sense. And maybe, listed as they are, you'll be encouraged to look at some of the websites identified - and similar - to make better choices, for a more sustainable Xmas.

And you've time to do it!


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