Friday 12 October 2018

Sustainable Hayfield Autumn Newsletter

The Autumn newsletter from Sustainable Hayfield is now available to download. We hope you find it of interest.

This issue gives some predictable prominence to Apple Day, being held - tomorrow! At the moment, the forecast is a little damp, and breezy (but much less windy than today), and rather warm for the time of year. We hope this won't deter/will encourage you to come along, where we have probably our widest display range of attractions on offer, an almost complete A-Z of attractions and events. If you can think of attractions we might feature in future, (particularly with the missing letters!), please let us know.

As you probably know, Apple Day is Sustainable Hayfield's main source of fundraising in the year, enabling us to do what we we hope to see many of you at Apple Day, 1-4.30p.m., at the school!

But the newsletter also brings you up to date with what's happening locally and more widely, of interest to our core purpose, and we hope that there's something in its pages for you!

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