Thursday 11 October 2018

Attractions Galore - and some more quality news


1.30 – 1.45James Ellson‘Ten Things to Know about Apples’
1.50 – 2.05Lesley German‘Ten Ways to Recycle ‘Unrecyclable Plastic Wrappers’
2.10 - 2.25Graham Hirst‘Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Car (and some cautions)
2.30 – 2.45Pete Webb‘Ten Top Tips for the Best Fruit and Veg Growing’
2.50 – 3.05Andy Barker‘Ten Things You Need to Know to Start Beekeeping’
3.10 - 3.25Tony Moss‘Bumblebees – Why They’re Important and their Ten Favourite Food Plants’
3.30 – 3.45James Ellson‘Ten Steps to Self Sufficiency’
3.50 – 4.05Graham Hirst‘Ten Reasons to Buy an Electric Car (and some cautions)

All talks will be held in Year 4 classroom.

And, at Apple Day, we're delighted to announce that there will be formal notice of a launch of a new greengrocery and artisan bakery service for Hayfield! Some time ago, Sustainable Hayfield approached Village Greens, a high quality fruit and veg outlet in Charlesworth with a growing Hayfield customer base, and Grains artisan bakers in Glossop (who are often sold out by midday!), about the prospect of them staffing, jointly, a pop up shop in Hayfield. We even suggested some possible premises. For understandable reasons, this came to nothing...but Kim and James (V. Greens and Grains respectively) have now confirmed they will be staffing a stall, outside the Packhorse, from Friday November 16th, initially 10-12.00 noon, every Friday, putting the best quality foods they prepare/serve in front of Hayfield folk. This is exciting news, and may be the beginning of the restoration of viable greengrocery and bakery presences in Hayfield. We hope you'll support the new initiative: it's what many have been calling for for some time. Village Greens are present at Apple Day, indoors, and should be able to give you more details if you wish.

We hope to see you at Apple Day, and that you'll be able to support this new venture.

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