Monday 16 November 2015

Saving Your Local Community Transport Links

What would you do if you had no car, limited income, mobility problems and wanted to shop and travel to required health appointments? Ask a neighbour - again? Call on family, who may work and often live a distance away? Spend on taxis?

For many people currently, local community transport services provide an economical and more sustainable door-to-door service for just folk. But, as we've advised previously, Derbyshire County Council has been consulting on withdrawal of funding for Community Transport and removal of both shopping buses and health care travel. With others, we believe the loss of this vital service will harm older, disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled people in particular, here and throughout the county. The prospect of such cuts has already caused anxiety and distress among many service users. There is a groundswell of support to let county councillors know the strength of feeling there is.

A petition asking the council not to proceed with such cuts has been organised. Thousand have already signed, with presentation of the 'completed' petition to inform a debate at County Hall in December. If you're concerned about this - on behalf of many of the most disadvantaged members of our communities - please sign the online petition below by Friday 20th November.

The petition can be found here

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