Friday 6 November 2015

Climate Change: Facts & Futures with Kevin Anderson

You've maybe seen posters in the village promoting the climate change presentation we're hosting at The Royal Hotel a week today, November 12th, with Professor Kevin Anderson. Attached is your own poster, as a reminder, to whet your appetite.

Interest in the event is certainly building. We know of folk coming from Glossop, New Mills, Buxton, Hope Valley and maybe beyond....the local papers have both featured the event in today's issues and Prof Anderson's being interviewed on the local radio too. This reflects both interest in the subject and Prof Anderson's reputation. Two examples:

Chris Lea from Buxton says “He’s a top man in his field. I’m coming with friends. We’ll get an expert view”.

Maggie Cole from New Mills says “He gave a presentation on this subject I attended a few years ago….... brilliant ... he continues to inspire - and debunk myths.”

The event starts at 7.30p.m. Prof Anderson's presentation will last about an hour and then he'll answer questions. His international expertise should make it a really informative evening. We hope to see you there - you might need to be early!

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