Saturday 23 March 2024



The Big Plastic Count 11-17th March 2024

We know that plastic is an environmental problem with much of it going into landfill in spite of recycling schemes. Plastic waste disposal is complicated and the government seems to have pulled back from implementing an effective scheme to help consumers deal with it. 

One approach is to persuade industry to generate less plastic so householders don’t have to deal with it all. To help this The Big Plastic Count is happening from 11th to 17th March. We want you to sign up and count the amount of plastic you throw away each day that week. There should be no guilt attached to this - the amount of plastic we use is often out of our control. The data collected will put pressure on the government and industry to move to alternatives and only use plastic where essential. Your data will add to that of over 60,000 people already signed up. 

To encourage participation Sustainable Hayfield is offering 2 £10 vouchers for Millers Refillers. If you take part in The Big Plastic Count you can be entered into the draw to win one of these vouchers. Millers Refillers is the zero waste shop in New Mills and its ethos fits well with this challenge.

Register at You can download and print the tally sheet and how-to-guide. Hard copies will also be available at Hayfield Library but you need to register on the site to have your data recorded. Details of how to submit your results are on the website. 

To take part in the Sustainable Hayfield draw take a photo of your tally sheet and send it to by 31 March. We’ll do the draw the first week in April and announce the winners.


The Sustainable Hayfield team



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