Tuesday 18 July 2023

Home Energy MOT Evaluation Report

Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter

As promised in our recent newsletter to you, we're delighted to attach the evaluation report for our Home Energy MOT project, launched today. The report is here

The project offered free advice and low level insulation/energy efficiency aides to every willing home in the parish, aiming to reduce bills and cut carbon emissions. Over 100 households took up the offer. Customer reaction was very positive and many participating households are taking forward their own further improvements, informed by the advice they received. Customer quotes feature prominently in the report. Might you recognise your own comments?

The project has demonstrated 'proof of concept', that a wide range of households will commit to home energy improvements, and reduce their carbon emissions, if schemes offering this are simple to access, easily delivered - and free!  We are circulating this report widely, to encourage other localities to consider doing something similar - and initial reaction from major public bodies has been very positive!..

We hope you might enjoy reading the report. Thank you  

Team Sustainable Hayfield


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