Wednesday 29 March 2023


Have you ever thought of contributing your skills and passion to being a Parish Councillor? And changing the way we can support our community by advancing practical ideas to make it a more sustainable, greener and valued place?

You'll know that elections are coming up soon, including for Hayfield Parish Council. Currently, there's several vacancies on the Parish Council and it would be good to have a 'slate' of candidates from whom to choose. As the lowest tier of public democracy, party politics has little role to play in Parish Councils, but ideas are always welcome!

The Parish Council meets monthly, and is serviced by a Clerk. Parish Councils are a good way in which to propose, and get adopted, policies and initiatives you feel strongly about..Andy Barker, our Parish Clerk, can give you a run down on what's involved in being a Parish Councillor. He can be contacted at

If you are interested, details about the nomination process are on the High Peak Council website. It looks complicated, but is pretty straightforward. The thing some people find confusing is getting details of the two sponsors you need (their polling district and voter number), but Andy can help with that, since he's got the information you'll need.

Why not give it a go? Existing Parish Councillors probably felt as you do, if you've never done anything like this before, but they've managed it successfully. There's no reason why you shouldn't!. Nominations need to be in by 4.00p.m. Tuesday, 4th April.

And, if you decide to try your hand, good luck!


The Sustainable Hayfield team

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