Thursday 18 June 2020

Forthcoming Talk - The Role of the Community in the Electrification of the UK

It’s Community Energy Fortnight 13th-28th June. And what better way of recognising it than by sharing details of the revolutionary changes which have occurred, are underway, and are yet to come, in how we source and use electricity, already dominant in the UK. You need to know!

Our Energy group Chair, Richard Noakes, who’s worked in the electricity market for the last 10 years, has kindly agreed to give a Zoom presentation and take questions, next Thursday, 25th June at 7.00p.m. on the subject of ‘The Role of The Community in the Electrification of the UK’. He’ll be charting some of the key changes in the market, past and future, and what it means for us.

Think how much we rely on continuing electricity supply, at home, at work, in our leisure activities. Extended – or repeated large-scale- outages would compromise almost all of what we do.

But there’s revolution afoot in the electricity market, which will affect almost all of us. It’s clear that coal as a UK power source has almost disappeared, and many questions are being asked of gas, all with government backing. Petrol and diesel cars will no longer be produced in just over 10 years’ time, and our homes will increasingly have EV charging points, and heat pumps in place of gas boilers.

But that’s not all. Already, there are trials charging us for electricity on tariffs changing by the half hour, using smart meters being installed. One supplier has recently been paying customers to use electricity, to secure continued operation of its renewable supply (the best deal was at 4.00a.m.!). And increasingly, we’ll be getting much of our supply from, and paying our bills to, a local energy provider, maybe one controlled by the local community. The world is changing...

Why not join us - from your lounge or kitchen - to hear of the revolution that’s under way? Content will be pitched at the non-scientists amongst us. The event will last about an hour. To register your interest, email and shortly after, you’ll be sent a ‘Zoom link’ which you just need to click on shortly before 7.00p.m. on 25th June, to join the audience. As someone says, “simples!”


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