Thursday 11 July 2019

Free Illustrated Talk - Improving Your Home and Saving Energy/Carbon, Thursday 18th July

You and your friends are re warmly invited to a free illustrated talk being given at The Royal Hotel, next Thursday, July 18th. The subject is energy efficient retrofitting - or improving - your home, and it's being given by Jonathan Atkinson of Manchester-based Carbon Co-op, who've many years experience of helping people make looked-for improvements to their homes in energy-efficient ways, cutting their energy/carbon emissions along the way, and improving their comfort levels.

Jonathan has entitled his talk 'People Powered Retrofit - Reducing Home Energy Demand', and he'll be providing tips which will interest many of us, whether we have a big project in mind or not. It should be a good occasion.

The talk takes place immediately after the (usually very brief) Sustainable Hayfield AGM, which starts at 7.30p.m., to which, again, everyone is welcome!

Posters are going up around the village, but we thought you'd appreciate this formal invitation. We hope to see you there!

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