Thursday, 23 August 2018

What's Your Car Choice?

When a year or so ago the first major car manufacturer announced it would no longer produce any pure petrol or diesel cars from 2019, it sent shock waves through the motor industry. Now almost all car makers have their own plans – soon – to phase out production of such vehicles, which cause of so much greenhouse gas emissions and life-shortening pollution. And sales of electric and electric/hybrid vehicles are growing steadily: latest industry data suggests almost 6% of all cars sold in the current year are purely electric or are hybrid models, and that’s up a good deal on 2017.

The times they-are-a-changing. Electric cars are starting to appear in Hayfield. But many of us know little about such vehicles. Recognising this, Sustainable Hayfield is hosting a presentation by Graham Hirst, entitled ‘Electric Cars – All You Need to Know’ at Hayfield Cricket Club on Thursday September 6th at 7.30p.m. Graham has no vested interest in the sector but has researched the core information and, with testimonials from one or two local electric car owners, will aim to address the most commonly asked questions about ‘going electric’ – with help too from some government-sponsored video material.

All of us who own a car need increasingly to think what we’ll do when it’s time to consider any new vehicle we might buy. But what’s the fuller story, and where’s the information about this new – and rapidly growing – range of vehicles? Most of us feel pretty uninformed about the costs, benefits and practical implications of ’going electric’. This is a chance to find out some of the basic facts....and ask your questions. The event should be of wide interest and we invite you to join us. It's all free, and there's a bar available (but you have to pay for your drinks!)

Posters are going up around the village. We hope we might see you there. Do make a note in your diary.


  1. I think that this is a great event. I always wanted to know more about electric cars and even to buy it. I really think that electric cars are a brand new generation. I’m going to sell my old car in order to be able to buy an electric car and frankly speaking the potential buyers have a huge bunch of questions. I found website and entered the VIN number of my car and they presented me the full info about it. Thus I’ll be able to ensure the buyers that everything is alright and the’ll be able to check its operational history, mileage, damage history, whether it’s in databases of the stolen cars etc.