Monday, 22 August 2016

Dress a Girl Around the World!

Is any one of the following true for you:
  • you support efforts to promote the position of girls/women in poorer countries;
  • you've surplus dress material (not sheer or flimsy) or thread/bias bindings you could donate;
  • you've a surplus dress or two (again, not flimsy or sheer) you'd be willing to donate;
  • you can sew or press sewn items?
If so, read on!
Sustainable Hayfield's newly-formed Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle sub group is joining forces with The Threadmill (based at what was Slack's Mill on Swallow House Lane) and Handmade Hayfield to make/supply some dresses for the charity Dress A Girl Around the World (see via a sewing evening to be held at The Threadmill on Wednesday September 7th 7-9.00p.m. The aim is to make 25 dresses in the evening. A flier is attached.
Could you supply materials in advance? Or make a modest donation, to help buy material or assist with postage? Or come along to sew (if you've a sewing machine, even better!) or cut materials, or press finished dresses? If so, please let Pennie Roberts know, at
The charity advises that having a dress increases school attendance, lowers the risk of abuse and gives girls a sense of dignity- all absolutely vital.
Thanks for your support. And I hope that you're able to enjoy these summer days......wherever you may be.

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