Tuesday 12 July 2016

Upcoming Activities

Two upcoming activities which may whet your appetite and which you might think about supporting...

First, if you're interested in the work we do at the library garden or - more generally - in food and food-related matters, there's an informal meeting of like-minded folk tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, 8.00p.m., at The Royal to consider future activities of our 'food group'. Everyone's welcome, even if you've not been involved before. Ask for Ellen Bennett on arrival, and join the chat.

If you can't make it but are interested please let Ellen know (ellenkbennett@yahoo.co.uk or on 07742 968436) know and she'll keep you in the loop.

Second, a reminder about our open evening next Tuesday, 19th July (from 7.30p.m., again at The Royal) when, after our very brief AGM, we'll be considering what we can and should do to help make Hayfield a more sustainable community. We'll be looking ahead, with the involvement of everyone present, at some possible priorities for Sustainable Hayfield activity in the near- and medium-term future.

We're really keen to hear ideas you may have about what we can do and, from discussion, identify a few areas we can and should focus on. There'll be a short film clip to show and some drinks and nibbles to help things along. Everyone's welcome, so - if you've some thoughts about what we should be doing, or just want to get a bit involved with what we do - come along. We hope to see you there!

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