Friday 1 April 2016

Spring Clean - your library garden - this Saturday, April 2nd, 10-1.00pm

Lengthening days, a warmer sun, what's not to like? It encourages many of us to get out and about.

So why not devote a slot of time this Saturday to tidying up the library garden a little? A work session's been organised between 10-1.00, but come along whatever time you can afford. There's some simple tasks planned:

  • weeding and feeding the vegetable beds;
  • extending the 'wild flower meadow' a little up by the herb garden;
  • taking out some turves around free standing fruit bushes, to encourage their fuller growth.

A few hands should be able to accomplish a fair bit in the allotted time. Why not turn out and show your support? Bring your own tools - and enthusiasm! If you'd like to know more - or show interest in the garden beyond this session - contact Ellen Bennett at or on 07742 968436. Ellen's taking on a co-ordinating role at the garden, so would be especially pleased to hear from you/see you!

Thanks for your support.

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