Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Live Projects

Village Energy Project
We are developing a baseline energy assessment and energy efficiency roadmap for 8 key housing stocks in Hayfield. These will be rolled out through each housing stock community via local surgeries to enable these households to make best practice energy improvements to their own homes. The first 100 houses will be provided with £100 of free materials.

School Carbon Challenge
We are developing a carbon reduction plan with the school as the first phase in creating a carbon neutral school. This will involve making the building more energy efficient, changing energy usage behaviors, adopting renewable energy sources and even developing a school kitchen garden along side the orchard.  

Community CBS to Fund Community Renewables
We are soon to launch a Community Development Society to enable people in the community to invest in local renewable energy projects, starting with the village PV solar project. Please register your interest.

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  Dear Sustainable Hayfield  Member/Supporter We all know the days of domestic  gas boilers are numbered, due to the greenhouse gas emission...