Welcome to Sustainable Hayfield!

We are a community group formed around a shared determination to ensure Hayfield will be a beautiful place to live for ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS.

If we work together as a community we can achieve more, in good time, and make it easier for everyone to embrace the change required to achieve sustainable living.

Change is inevitable, and the sooner we act the more choice we will have to shape our own future and lower the burden of change forced upon our children.

Our aims are to:

  • Increase awareness of climate change issues and how individuals and communities can mitigate them.
  • Share knowledge of positive life style choices to protect our environment.
  • Equip our younger generation with the skills and confidence to meet the challenge of change ahead. 
  • Lead community projects that provide positive and sustainable solutions.
We are a newly formed volunteer group so please:
  1. Tell us what you would like to see us doing, and the information or support that you would welcome. 
  2. Come and join us – become a member.
  3. Make a donation – link to donation form – see attached
Food for thought:
"If everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide at the rate we do in the UK, we’d need three planets to support us. The impacts, not least climate change, deforestation and the loss of numerous species are already starting to affect us all". (WWF)
How Many Planets do you need? Go on - measure tour own footprint! WWF Footprint Calculator

It's Election Time - Here's a brief look at the candidates standing to help our members make an informed choice.....

  Dear Sustainable Hayfield Member/Supporter Elections for High Peak Borough and Hayfield Parish Council are coming up fast. Postal voters...