There are already many ways that sustainable transport is already used by people in and around Hayfield, including walking and cycling to shops and school, car share schemes and commuting to work by bus and train.

One of the Sustainable Hayfield objectives is to increase this use of sustainable transport and reduce our dependency on cars.

Information on road transport

This web site will provide information on emissions from different types of transport, factors to consider when choosing a car and tips for reducing fuel consumption when driving.

Sustainable Hayfield Transport Group has:
Set up Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd (HSTL) to develop shared journeys and shared access to transport.  The Hayfield Community Minibus is an example of the collaborative consumption approach
We’re also working on:
  • A community share offer that will raise the capital required to buy a second minibus, which will enable a cluster of local schools to transport a whole class of pupils at a time and replace costly coach transport.

  • A Travel Group mechanism that will enable people with the same transport need to form a group and arrange the transport they need.  These groups could use the community minibuses or shared taxis

Want to know more/get involved with HSTL? Contact: Roland Strube 01663 749062/07787 950629 or

Bus services to Hayfield, trains to New Mills, Glossop and Macclesfield


Trains to New Mills, Glossop and Macclesfield


Footpaths and cycle ways

Sustainable Hayfield will be supporting local efforts to increase and improve the provision of footpaths and cycle paths in the Parish and to promote the training of cyclists.

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