At Sustainable Hayfield we want to share information about the food we eat - where it comes from, how it was raised, how it gets to us and the effect on the environment all this has.

We are working together to provide a directory of local producers in our surrounding area. We are often unaware of these and defer to the supermarket.

We also want to share knowledge of seasonal produce and how to reduce wastage.

We all want to decrease our reliance on the convenience and little else that big supermarkets offer and support the local producers and suppliers.

With volatile fuel prices, the more we can source locally the better for all concerned, and why not? There is an abundance of local healthy fresh produce grown in and around Hayfield.

We can all think about the way we source our food and look at the way we eat. And we can make the most of the natural resources and skilled food producers on our doorstep.

"The food we produce and eat is putting our planet’s natural environment under stress. In the UK the food we eat- growing, producing and importing it is responsible for 30% of our CO2 emissions." WWF.

Food for thought:  The food on our plates has travelled an average of 2500 miles before it gets to our table and 40 per cent of the traffic on our roads is related to food. Have a look at the Sustainable Hayfield fruit and veg patch outside the library, and see what you can do in your garden or yard!

This page last updated 25 July 2014.

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