Sustainable Hayfield’s small Energy group has produced this brie guide to share what we do, and signal useful resources you might wish to look up. We are keen to spread awareness about what we can do to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. Our vision is for a locally independent energy system, with its own generating and transmission capacity. 

Over the years, we have undertaken a range of initiatives which have generally been well-supported. We:

  • Held the High Peak’s first community-based Energy Fair;

  • Assessed all the main housing types in Hayfield village, reporting on their energy efficiency;

  • Distributed funds to help householders insulate their properties better;

  • Organised a ’group purchase’ of roof-mounted solar panels, saving households c. £700 each;

  • Led visits for Sustainable Hayfield to ‘open’ local low-energy households; 

  • Arranged a range of public information talks on an energy theme, including electric cars, ‘smart houses’ and the community role in the electrification of the UK;

  • Are pursuing an application for feasibility funding for a prospective solar farm in the parish.

The world of energy generation and use is changing radically. Energy generation, household use and transport account for around 80% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Framing radical solutions, bearing down on such emissions, is key to achieving a more sustainable planet. Our current vision, and the revolution in our sourcing and use of electricity, is at: VFPreu5EdLZLeWzlnmXqAmDKflT6a82yFIq_penRovjs4OsEp4zJVYVjzP7-tOIt lasts 90 minutes. Ignore the first 35 minutes (largely silent). The password you’ll require is 4N&@yjV@

‘real time’ map of current power output, by source, for EU countries is at

Basic advice about common sources of heat and energy loss in average homes, is in our leaflet, ‘Warm and Wise’ Download Warm and Wise (PDF) 

Information about the government’s Green Homes Grant, giving vouchers for up to £5,000 or £10,000 per household is

Up to date and authoritative information about a range of renewable energy options for households, is at the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) website at

Comparisons of green energy suppliers are at For funding help for Derbyshire businesses to source more efficient power, and reduce carbon emissions, visit

Information on the changing face of electric motoring is at 

For environment conscious building professionals, see  Advice and examples of very low energy buildings are at the Passvihaus organisation website ( For focus on sustainable building products, visit For general green building design and products for sustainable construction, go to

Information about community generation of sustainable energy is at (

Information on UK fuel poverty/fuel poverty campaigns is at For insights into supply of sustainable energy solutions appropriate to poorer countries, see

In 2022/23 we've focussed on promotion and delivery of our Home Energy MOT scheme, developed with Marches Energy Agency. Over 100 Hayfield households have benefoted from low level insulation and advice offered by the project, which may be unique in the UK! To see a copy of the final project report click here

We welcome the involvement of more people in what we do. Current members are: Richard Noakes (Chair), Ian Flack, Graham Hirst, Pete Inman and Laurie James. We’d especially welcome a better gender balance in the group. If you’re interested, please contact us on We hope we might hear from you!

And we hope you’ve found this brief resource guide useful. 

Warm and Wise

We've just published our Warm and Wise leaflet on keeping warm and insulating your property
Download Warm and Wise (PDF)

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